+ Corporate Social Responsibility

The Mayflex Corporate Social Responsibility document sets out our policies and principles and summarise how we are managing our environmental impacts, how we are working with suppliers and local communities, and how our employees or partners contribute to these initiatives.

This CSR report sets out our policies and principles and summarise how we are managing our environmental impacts, how we are working with suppliers and local communities, and how our employees or partners contribute to these initiatives.


We are committed to:

  • Continuous improvement in our Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy
  • Encourage our business partners to strive for matching performance
  • Acting in a socially responsible way
  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all relevant legislation
  • Encouraging our staff to be mindful of the effect of their actions on any natural resource

Our Key Direct Impacts

  • The products we distribute
  • Transport and logistics
  • Packaging
  • Waste

Standards of Business Conduct

We recognise that good CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable development and the way we affect people through our business operations.

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all aspects according to rigorous ethical professional and legal standards.

Environment and our commitment to Carbon Reduction

Waste Reduction/Packaging

Mayflex aims to minimise consumption and waste as a product of our business activities and wherever possible to recycle and reuse and buy recycled office materials and supplies.

We measure this usage as % of our overall sales revenue.

Waste to landfill: In 2011 - 0.54% of total waste went to landfill as a % of order volumes. This reduced to 0.47%, in 2012, an improvement of 13%.

Notably our order volume increased 2.17% in the same period.

How did we achieve this: By using recyclable material in products, for example the packaging used for cabinets bought in as flat packs is reused to send the cabinets out once assembled.


Gas: In 2011 we averaged 0.04% of gas usage as a % of sales revenue, in 2012 it reduced to 0.02%

Electricity: In 2011 1.17% of overall electricity usage as a % of sales revenue in 2012 reduced to 0.93%

Initiatives introduced: All warehouse lighting has been replaced with LED Lighting and light sensors have been installed in the offices and meeting rooms which automatically turn the lighting off it no movement is sensed. Power saving initiatives on printers, pcs, faxes etc set to standby mode if not used.

Paper: In 2011 0.023% of paper used in the business as a % of sales revenue, in 2012 we averaged 0.015%

Year to date we have saved 125.2 trees by recycling shredded paper.

Initiatives introduced: Set printers to double print and used paper is re-used for non critical printing.

57% of our invoices are now sent out via email. Existing customers are contacted about changing to this option on a monthly basis. All new accounts opened are mainly set up with this option.

Stationary: When stationary orders are placed where possible a green product will be purchased opposed to the regular option. Currently 71% of all stationary items purchased by Mayflex are the green alternative.

Whilst toners and cartridges from our current stationary provider are not available in a more eco-friendly format, we do recycle them by saving them and donating them to ChildLine and the NSPCC. This accounts for around 28% of those products that are not green purchases.

The water filter machines that are used in the head office premises help us to donate to Pump Aid, in aid of Christian Aid.

Mayflex actively supports Acorns Hospices, a local childrens charity which provide care and support for local children and young people who have life limiting or life threatening conditions.

Mayflex also sponsors a number of local childrens community football teams.

All Kenco drinks provided by Connect Vending are rain forest alliance certified. Rainforest Alliance is an organisation that promotes good farming practices to protect the environment and support farming communities. This includes all of our drinks products except the Cappuccino capsules.

Staff regularly raise money for charity through there own initiatives for charities such as Comic Relief, Race for life and Cancer research.

Staff Engagement

Staff are encouraged to submit suggestions for business improvements and initiatives that will save both resources, money and reduce the impact on the environment reduce, reuse, recycle mentality.

We support initiatives such as the governments cycle to work scheme and change 4 life.