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­­­MOBOTIX AG, leading pion­eer in network camera technology since 1999 and their decentralized concept, has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. Unlike other systems, with the decentralized MO­BOTIX concept, a high-speed computer an­d, if requeste­d, a digital long-term flash memory (MicroSD/SD card) are built into every camera, enabling you to record for several days.­

A PC or video control c­enter is required­ ­only to vie­w and control the cameras (PTZ), not to evaluate and record vide­o. This prevents from having to rely on expensive, overloaded video management software as the most important functions requiring large amou­nts of processing power are integrated into­ the MOBOTIX cameras directly.­

­­The new technology isn't just more powerful in all areas, it a­lso ha­s two decisive ­adv­antages: it is more cost-effective than traditional CCTV video technology and more multi-functional thanks to its integrated computer and network connection.­

­Mx Activity Sensor
The MxActivitySensor compact guide gives an in depth overview of how the free software from Mobotix works by answering a number of key questions along with the set up and configuration in the browser.

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Mobotix i25 Product Video



Mobotix AudioMount Tutorial­
MxInstaller have developed a tutorial that explains the strategy behind its AudioMount, S14 and S15 door station platform.
Click here to view.

MxMC 1.1, for Mac and PC, can be downloaded now, free of charge, from the Mobotix website and we encourage you to do so and benefit from the enhanced capabilities of this intuitive software platform

Mobotix MxMC Tutorial

View the video tutorial MOBOTIX MxMC Operating (EN) from MOBOTIX.

More comprehensive details about the new software can be found in the release notes, MxMC tutorial.

­­Mobotix cameras can be used in conjunction with Raytec lighting. Click here to download examples.

Mayflex is an approved distributor for Mobotix and Raytec products.­

­The “Smartphone On The Wall” Has More Power Than Ever!

It can be integrated flush with the wall, it comes in an attractive design and users can operate it using gestures, just like a modern smartphone. The MxDisplay from MOBOTIX is now also available for order in the new version MxDisplay+, with a choice of two colors, black or white. MxDisplay+ features a powerful processor that almost doubles the frame rate transfer and easy-to-use (full duplex) hands-free talking with MOBOTIX Door Stations (in addition to Push-to-Talk). Not only that, the sound quality has improved (for example, there is an integrated equalizer and improved echo/noise suppression), and the previous limit of only eight integrated cameras no longer applies.

In addition to improved CPU performance and optimized sound quality, the MxDisplay+ has three powered signal inputs (0 to 48 V AC/DC), an isolated relay output (max. 48 V AC/DC, max. 1 A), a terminal connector for an external
temperature sensor and two MxBus connections, all of which expand the options for connecting door contacts, floor call buttons and MxBus devices. Powerful and connected, the MxDisplay+ is a versatile and compact basic module for creative, flexible and cost-effective smart home solutions.

The MxDisplay+ is easier to use than ever, thanks to hands-free talking. The dimensions and installation process for the MxDisplay+ are identical to that of the previous MxDisplay models that are still available.

MxDisplay+ Highlights

Video remote station with touch screen, microphone, speaker and integrated video management software for MOBOTIX Door Stations and cameras: Intercom with live image, activation of the electric door opener, switching of
lights, launching of a short recording function directly in the live image and many more.

New processor generation doubles the frame rate display.

Up to 60% more details when zooming: MxDisplay+ retrieves high resolution camera images (1024 x 768)

HD sound technology with full duplex hands-free talking and optimal speech transmission to and from MxDisplay+
Comprehensive RFID functions: Setup and administration of RFID cards and access PINs, setup of limited-time access using an RFID card and/or PIN (for example, an access PIN that is only valid for 12 hours for a repairman or a card for cleaning staff that is only activated on Mondays)

M15 Thermal Cameras And S15 Thermal Sensor Modules With Thermal Radiometry (TR)

Basic Information On Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging technology is a contactless imaging procedure that makes it possible to see the thermal radiation from an object or body otherwise invisible to the human eye (mid-wavelength infrared). Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted by a body based on its temperature. It is caused by thermal motion within a body’s molecules. This is the result of accelerated charges that emit radiation in accordance with the laws of electrodynamics. Thermal imaging technology captures and displays temperature distribution across surfaces and objects. Thermographic cameras usually display heat intensity information in artificial colors (blue = cooler, red = warmer; see image on the right). In terms of the number of pixels, the resolution is considerably lower than that for cameras capturing the visible spectral range.

Unlike cameras with optical image sensors, one of the decisive quality criteria for a thermal camera is the camera’s ability to capture the slightest differences in temperature and to produce an image that displays these differences in colors. The NETD, or Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference, is used to measure the sensitivity of a thermal sensor and is expressed in millikelvin. With an NETD of 50 mK, MOBOTIX thermal cameras can visualize temperature variations starting at 0.05°C , which places them in the top range of cameras currently available for general use.

Advanced, Cost-efficient And Powerful – Thermal Cameras From MOBOTIX

After successfully launching MOBOTIX Thermal Imaging Technology,  MOBOTIX offers additional thermal cameras and thermal sensor modules with TR Technology and calibrated, industry standard high-end thermal imaging sensors with an NETD of 50 mK. The launch begins in September 2015. TR stands for Thermal Radiometry, meaning that in addition to existing MOBOTIX thermal camera functions, the thermal radiation is measured across the entire image area, and a temperature value is assigned to each pixel. These measurements can be used to rigger an event based on the temperature increasing above or decreasing below an individually Thermal Radiometry set trigger level (camera alarm, network message, activation of a signal output, etc.). The by MOBOTIX temperature measurement is accurate to +/-10 Kelvin based on the quantitative electromagnetic  thermal radiation produced by individual objects within the camera view and/or within a defined TR measurement window. The accuracy of the temperature measurement depends on the emission ratio of the object being measured. This value is based on the material and surface area of the object in question. The ideal measurement object is a black body with an emission ratio of 1. Bare metals have a value of 0.1 and lower (objects with a mirrored surface generally have a low emission ratio). Further, the camera does not just measure radiation from the object itself, but also any radiation that is reflected back by other objects such as tables or windows.

Latest sofware release
The latest software release from MOBOTIX - - is in all available languages for all MOBOTIX cameras Q24M, D24M, M24M and T24M! This software release contains the same functions as its predecessor Among other new features, this release brings improvements regarding web security and file server storage.

More information and download files are available ­here

View a list of the Most Frequently Asked Questions - link to below link.

Training Courses
­The Mobotix training campus is now open for partners to register online.
­Please ensure to bo­ok early to guarantee the venue of your choice. Click ­here to v­iew a list of courses and venues.­

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