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­­­MOBOTIX AG, leading pioneer in network camera technology since 1999 and their decentralized concept, has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. Unlike other systems, with the decentralized MOBOTIX concept, a high-speed computer an­d, if requeste­d, a digital long-term flash memory (MicroSD/SD card) are built into every camera, enabling you to record for several days.

A PC or video control c­enter is required­ ­only to vie­w and control the cameras (PTZ), not to evaluate and record vide­o. This prevents from having to rely on expensive, overloaded video management software as the most important functions requiring large amou­nts of processing power are integrated into­ the MOBOTIX cameras directly.­

­The new technology isn't just more powerful in all areas, it a­lso ha­s two decisive ­adv­antages: it is more cost-effective than traditional CCTV video technology and more multi-functional thanks to its integrated computer and network connection.

Mobotix News

Read the latest version of MOBOTIX News. In this issue you will find details of the new MxMultiViewer software, MxDisplay, M15 & S15 Thermal and S15 Manual PT Dome, which are due to be launched soon, as well as the new HD lenses, due to be released in Jun 14.

Training Seminars
The next UK based training seminars will take place at Mobotix’s new offices in Stockley Park, Uxbridge on 3 - 6 Jun. The seminars consist of a 4 day modular programme covering sales, planning & installation (1 day), starter seminar (1 Day) and basic seminar (2 Days), which can be taken individually or consecutively.

If you book the 4 days consecutively you will receive 1 day free of charge. The training syllabus can be viewed here and online registration is available here

­Mx Activity Sensor

The MxActivitySensor compact guide gives an in depth overview of how the free software from Mobotix works by answering a number of key questions along with the set up and configuration in the browser.

­Activity Sensor - Extreme Weather
Activity Sensor - Snow


Mobotix AudioMount Tutorial­
MxInstaller have developed a tutorial that explains the strategy behind its AudioMount, S14 and S15 door station platform.

Click here to view.

View the MX Installer IP Video Surveillance Starter ­Gui­de. ­

­ ­

 - What's inside the latest issue of MxInstaller Magazine

- ­­MOBOTIX Starter Guide

­­Mobotix cameras can be used in conjunction with Raytec lighting. Click here to download examples.

Mayflex is an approved distributor for Mobotix and Raytec products.­


Latest sofware release
The latest software release from MOBOTIX - - is in all available languages for all MOBOTIX cameras Q24M, D24M, M24M and T24M! This software release contains the same functions as its predecessor Among other new features, this release brings improvements regarding web security and file server storage.

More information and download files are available ­here

View a list of the Most Frequently Asked Questions - link to below link.

Training Courses
­The Mobotix training campus is now open for partners to register online.
­Please ensure to bo­ok early to guarantee the venue of your choice. Click ­here to v­iew a list of courses and venues.­

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Mayflex is a UK Distributor for Mobotix so you can buy from us with peace of mind.

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