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Fluidmesh Networks

Overview of the Company: 

Fluidmesh was founded in 2005 by a team of researchers and visionaries from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Politecnico of Milan. Our goal was to reliably deliver fibre-like performance via unlicensed wireless spectrum – providing connectivity for mission critical video, voice, and data.

Over our first ten years, we saw Fluidmesh become the choice of customers who wanted to bring network connectivity without the inconvenience, time or expense of running wire. Recently, we’ve raised the bar – providing uncompromised performance to places wire simply cannot go.

Naturally at Fluidmesh, we think a lot about connecting things to each other and ultimately to the Internet. While there are a lot of technologies that can connect simple things, say a phone, what about the world’s more complicated things? As the world’s Internet of Things develops, Fluidmesh will play a critical role by bringing broadband connectivity to sites and in environments that are today too hard or large to connect, such as high-speed moving vehicles and trains, large-scale industrial sites, distributed infrastructures and complex urban environments.

  • PRODIGY ‘2’ protocol enables MPLS over-the-air for unmatched WLAN performance
  • Each Fluidmesh wireless device can be configured for PtP, PtMP and linear mesh systems
  • Only wireless system designed for transmitting CCTV and telemetry for mobility applications e.g. rail, trams, metro.
  • ‘Fluidity’ provides a 3ms hand-off time between access points for mobility applications
  • Fully automatic QoS provides prioritisation for over 300 applications
  • IP66 and IP67 rated products for harsh environments
  • Integrated graphical spectrum analyser
  • FMQuadro management software included with each device
  • M12 connectors for transport applications (FM4200-MOBI)
  • Highest rated power delivery for shark-fin antenna (mobility applications)
Features and Benefits: 
  • PRODIGY 2 protocol – secure, cannot be ‘hacked’ by WiFi devices
  • Multi-protocol – allows an end user to build versatile networks without changing hardware
  • MPLS ‘over the air’ – fastest performance over multi hop locations with <3ms handoff time
  • Fluid Throttle – limits the cost of ownership by allowing only the throughput required
  • FMQuadro – an integrated, web based management platform included with each system
  • 2 year warranty – manufactured to carrier class standard with optional warranty extensions
  • MIMO technology – 300Mbps modulation for high performance point-to-multipoint applications
  • AC technology – 500Mbps ‘true’ data throughput at 1.6Kms
  • 802.1Q – VLAN support with ‘Smart’ option for unrivalled simplicity
Partner Programme: 

Fluidmesh partner programme is available at three levels:

  • Authorised – basic level providing telephone and email support
  • Silver – additional trade discount available plus basic level support
  • Gold – combines Authorised and Silver benefits with ‘project registration’, on-site support and authorisation to resell ‘Fluidity’ for mobile applications

On-line training is free for all levels with the exception of ‘Fluidity’ training – contact for details

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