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IDEAL Networks

IDEAL Networks
Overview of the Company: 

IDEAL Networks is part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a family run company established in 1916, and provides solutions for testing and documenting data cable, networks and more. 

Our Vision - “To provide connected products and services which simplify, demystify and improve the productivity of those installing, testing & maintaining network cabling & devices.”

  • 50 year heritage in the industry
  • R&D centre based in the UK delivering innovative testing solutions
  • Free Technical Support providing online training
  • Headquartered in the UK with additional offices in the UK, France, Germany and the US

Test4Less is a mixture of products, services and payment methods that could reduce your capital expenditure by up to 57%,* increase productivity and improve cash flow.

  • Reduce the price of a certifier to £2,750 with our unique Pay As You Test options (requires 3 or more certifiers)
  • Decrease capital expenditure by up to 57% by using a product mix of LanTEK III’s certifiers and SignalTEK’s performance testers
  • Eliminate lost test data and delayed project completion using our free IDEAL AnyWARE™ app
Features and Benefits: 

Data Cable Testers

  • VDV II Cable Verifiers - Easy to use cable testers that pinpoint cable faults using TDR
  • SignalTEK CT Transmission Tester - Check the performance of copper data cables with a Gigabit transmission test to an IEEE international standard.
  • SignalTEK NT Transmission Tester - Check the performance of copper and fiber data cables with a Gigabit transmission test to an IEEE international standard.
  • LanTEK III Cable Certifier - Using the free IDEAL AnyWARE app, field technicians can share test data with colleagues or customers without leaving the jobsite.

Network Testers

  • NaviTEK NT Network Tester - Performs a suite of troubleshooting functions on active and passive copper and fibre networks.
  • LanXPLORER Pro In-line Network Tester - Analyse and diagnose problems in networks, cabling and Ethernet devices using copper, fibre and Wi-Fi interfaces.

CCTV Tester

  • SecuriTEST IP CCTV Tester -  An installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax and analogue CCTV camera systems.
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