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May­flex is a leading distributo­­r of inf­r­as­tr­ucture ­products,­­ offering stability and experience th­at is second to none.­­­­ At the core of any network is the struc­tured c­ablin­g­. We've developed a portfolio of best of breed products t­hat fulfill an­y technical requirements and budget constraints.­

Copper Cabling Systems

Our copper cabling systems include unscreened and screened options in a choice of Category 7A, 6A, 6 and 5e.  Many of the products carry independent third party verification from Delta.

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Fibre Optic Cabling Systems

Our fibre optic cabling systems include multimode and singlemode in standard, air blown and high density pre-terminated designs in a choice of OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS1.

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Voice Cabling Systems

Our range of voice products include internal and external cable, line jack units, connection boxes, telephone adaptors, distribution frames, terminal strips and RJ45 voice panels.

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Pre-terminated Copper and Fibre

To save installation time on site we provide a wide range of copper and fibre pre-terminated solutions, that are fully tested and are designed to your exact requirements.

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Cabinets, Racks and Enclosures

Our broad range of 19” floor and wall cabinets, racks and frames are suitable for the housing of cabling systems, through to the most complex networking equipment.

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Electronic Lock Solutions

Our solution provides intelligent electronic locking and monitoring capabilities with or without an RFID card reader. The solution provides a perfect answer to the issue of security and access within cabinets in Co-Location data centres.

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Aisle Containment

We offer all types of containment including hot, cold and return plenum variants. These can be supplied to complement a new enclosure purchase or provide an efficient solution for retro fit applications.

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Connected Lighting Systems

Connected lighting systems don’t just produce light, combined with sensors, location beacons, wireless access points and other intelligent devices a connected lighting system serves as a scalable, adaptive p­a­thway for data and services. Adding a layer of intelligence to any indoor environment.

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Tooling and Testing

We supply a wide range of testing equipment from some of the most respected vendors in the industry, providing simple cable testers through to fibre fusion splicers.

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Our containment range includes basket trays, mini and maxi trunking, GOP boxes and flexible conduit.

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Installation Accessories

Our range of installation accessories includes everything you need when installing copper and fibre cabling installations from cable ties to fibre cleave holders.

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The brands in our Infrastructure Portfolio include:


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