Door & Access Control

Antibacterial Pad

Part Code: STP-ANTIBACPAD Key Features
  • Assembly arrangement: Basic element with full cover plate
  • Model: Antibacterial pad
  • Mounting method: Adhesive
  • Colour: Yellow

Net2 Entry premium monitor-surface mount

Part Code: PAX-337-290 Key Features
  • Mounting method: Surface mounted (plaster)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Yellow
  • With touch screen: yes
  • Width: 204.3 mm
  • Height: 159.6 mm

Info Module Mx2wire+ With LEDs, Dark Gray

Part Code: MX-2WIREPLUS-INFO1-EXT-DG Key Features
  • Model: Info module
  • Colour: Dark grey
  • 1 (current)