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Excel 3U Sub Rack Flat (15 Way)

Part Code: 3USRF

The Sub Rack Strip Carrier is used to mount Terminal Strips in 19" Cabinets. Two styles are available for the 3u, the recessed version positions the terminal strips inside the 19" Cabinet profile, the flat version aligns the strips with the cabinets profiles.

  • 3u Version, 150 Pair Capacity
  • 4u Version, 180 Pair Capacity
  • Flat or Recessed 3u Version
  • Suits All Terminal Strips
  • 25 Year system warranty
Number of mountable connection strips 150 pairs
Modular spacing 3U
Width 19"

Key Features

  • Number of mountable connection strips: 150 pairs
  • Modular spacing: 3U
  • Width: 19"

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