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Universal Horizontal Cable Manager, 1u, 126mm Deep - black

Part Code: 540-823

The CPI Universal Horizontal Cable Manager provides an attractive and highly functional horizontal pathway for patch cords and multimedia applications using coax, copper and fibre optic cables. When used above or below patch panels, the extra-wide contoured plastic cable guides create a pathway for neatly fanning the patch cords from the patch panels and routing them to the sides of the rack.

  • Hinged snap-on cover opens 180 degrees up or down position
  • Use with vertical cable managers: Master Cabling Section
Model Horizontal cable manager
Material Plastic
Suitable for 19 inch mounting yes
Width 482.6 mm
Number of rack units (RU) 1

Key Features

  • Model: Horizontal cable manager
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable for 19 inch mounting: yes
  • Width: 482.6 mm
  • Number of rack units (RU): 1

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