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iCLASS Contactless Smart Card, 32k bit with16k/16 + 16k/1 application areas

Part Code: AC-HID-CARD-ICLASS-2004

HID’s iCLASS® 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology can be used for diverse applications such as access control, biometrics, cashless vending, public transportation, airline ticketing and customer loyalty programs. Multiple, securely separated files enable numerous applications and support future growth. The iCLASS Card offers iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless read/write smart card technology along the ability to add a magnetic stripe, barcode, and anti-counterfeiting features including custom artwork or a photo identification directly on the credential.

  • Sufficient read/write memory to store multiple biometric templates. ƒ- 16k available in a two or sixteen application area configuration.
  • 32k available with 16k memory configured in either 2 or 16 application areas, plus an additional 16k user configurable memory. ƒ- Multiple securely separated files enable numerous applications, including the HID standard access control application, and support future growth. ƒ - Meets ISO 15693 and 14443B for contactless communications.
Type of data carrier Card
Reading method iClass/iClass SE (13.56 MHz)

Key Features

  • Type of data carrier: Card
  • Reading method: iClass/iClass SE (13.56 MHz)

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