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ICLASS SE Keyfob 2K/2, Prog ICLASS, Black W/Blue HID

Part Code: AC-HID-FOB-3250PNNMN

HID Global’s iCLASS SE® Key Fob is a high-frequency portable credential that makes access control more powerful and more secure through encryption of all radio frequency data transmissions between the key fob and reader using a secure algorithm. Enclosed in a rugged plastic casing for use in extreme environments, the iCLASS SE Key Fob is the size of a typical car key and can be easily placed on a key ring or lanyard. The key fob is part of the standards-based iCLASS SE platform, which is based on HID Global's Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data model and Trusted Identity Platform™ (TIP™). Loaded with an SIO residing inside the iCLASS® chip, those devices deliver increased security with data signatures and encryption to prevent any unauthenticated read access.

  • Read/write contactless smart card technology for high-speed, reliable communications and high data integrity ƒ- Meets ISO/IEC 15693 standards for contactless communications ƒ- Multiple securely separated application areas are each protected by 64-bit diversified read/write keys for data access ƒ- Long-lasting durability - Passive, no-battery design ƒ- Strong, environmentally resistant design ƒ- Variable memory size and memory organization to accommodate a range of application requirements ƒ- Multi-application capabilities
Type of data carrier Keyfobs
Reading method iClass/iClass SE (13.56 MHz)

Key Features

  • Type of data carrier: Keyfobs
  • Reading method: iClass/iClass SE (13.56 MHz)

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