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NetShelter CX Mini soundproofed Server Room in a Box Enclosure

Part Code: AR4000MV

Netshelter CX Mini is specifically designed to house a complete small-office IT installation comprised of one or two servers, network hardware and peripheral devices. It combines extreme noise reduction and moderate thermal capacity with exceptional reliability and an all-inclusive, plug-and-play specification. Designed to accept tower form factor servers, the CX Mini can also be converted to accept rack form factor servers using a 12U rack mount conversion kit (AR4000MV12U). The resulting EIA rack is 600 mm/23.6" deep.

Model Comms Rack
Width 690 mm
Depth 930 mm
Height 700 mm
Colour Grey

Key Features

  • Model: Comms Rack
  • Width: 690 mm
  • Depth: 930 mm
  • Height: 700 mm
  • Colour: Grey

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