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Fingerprint reader/controller, Dual RFID

Part Code: BEP2-OD

Suprema BioEntry R2 is a Compact RFID card & Fingerprint Reader exclusively designed for centralized access control systems. Packed in a slim, mullion-type design, BioEntry R2 provides high-definition fingerprint image capture, minutiae extraction as well as dual-frequency multi RF card reading capability. Combined with Suprema’s intelligent biometric controller, the CoreStation, BioEntry R2 completes biometrics-driven access control system with enhanced simplicity and level of security of centralized system topology.

Model Reader
Reading method Biometric
Max. number of persons 10000
Mounting method Surface mounted (plaster)
Operation temperature -20...50 °C
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Width 50 mm
Height 164 mm
Depth 37.5 mm

Key Features

  • Model: Reader
  • Reading method: Biometric
  • Max. number of persons: 10000
  • Mounting method: Surface mounted (plaster)
  • Operation temperature: -20...50 °C
  • Colour: Black

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