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Cablelay Cable Tape 3mm x 50mm x 15M Class O

Part Code: CTO5015

Cabletape- Class O 3mm x 50mm x 15m Class 'O' Fire category means low fire propagation index producing a zero fire spread of flame for a high degree of fire protection and safety. 6mm Closed cell 'Class O' Cablelay is a protective mat system which can be installed into cable or basket tray systems as protection for high performance cabling. 13mm Closed cell 'Class O' Cablelay is a protective mat system designed to be laid directly onto the concrete substrate as a dedicated route or pathway high performance cabling.Elastomeric properties provide protection from grit, sharp edges and irregularities in the pathway surface which helps maintain the performance of the cables Specific manufactured widths eliminates the need to cut material on site saving time and money.

Width 25 mm
Material PVC
Colour White
Length 33 m
Insulating yes
Self sticking/amalgamating yes

Key Features

  • Width: 25 mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: White
  • Length: 33 m
  • Insulating: yes
  • Self sticking/amalgamating: yes

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