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Hikvision Enrollment Station 3.97-inch LCD Touch Screen

Part Code: DS-K1F600-D6E-F

  • 3.97-inch LCD touch screen for face recognition, parameters configuration, live view, etc.
  • 2 MP wide-angle dual-lens, Face recognition distance: 0.3 m to 1.5 m
  • Face recognition duration < 0.2 s/User; face recognition accuracy rate ≥ 99%
  • 2,000 user capacity, 2,000 face capacity, 20,000 card capacity, and 20,000 fingerprint capacity
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Manage, search and set device data after logging in the device locally
Model Enrolment device
Reading method Data medium and Biometric
Type of interface Wi-Fi
Operation temperature -10...50 °C
Colour Grey
Power over Ethernet None
Standalone yes
Networkable yes

Key Features

  • Model: Enrolment device
  • Reading method: Data medium and Biometric
  • Type of interface: Wi-Fi
  • Operation temperature: -10...50 °C
  • Colour: Grey
  • Power over Ethernet: None

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