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Excel External Telephone Cable 50 Pairs 1/0.50mm CW1128 Black Fca - per metre

Part Code: TCJF5050PB

Excel telecommunication cables are made up from conductors of solid plain copper insulated with cellular (foamed) polyethylene. These conductors are twisted into pairs and the required number of pairs are laid up into units which are identified by coloured tapes. The cables are petroleum jelly filled and sheathed in black polyethylene, and are manufactured in accordance with BT type CW 1128.

The print legend on the cable now includes information regarding the DOP number, Test and Classification of the cable for traceability.

  • Available in 5/10/20/50/100/200 pairs
  • Cut to length
  • UV and moisture resistant
  • 25 Year system warranty
Category Voice
Outer sheath colour Black
Reaction-to-fire class according to EN 13501-6 Fca
Specification core insulation PE
Core identification Colour + rings
Pair grouping identification Layers
Longitudinal water blocking cable yes
Armouring no
Outer sheath material PE
Diameter of conductor 0.5 mm
Halogen free (acc. EN 60754-1/2) no
Flame retardant No
Low smoke (acc. BS EN 61034-2) no
Outer diameter approx. 16.5 mm
Conductor category Class 1 = solid
Total number of cores 100
Stranding element Pairs

Key Features

  • Category: Voice
  • Outer sheath colour: Black
  • Reaction-to-fire class according to EN 13501-6: Fca
  • Specification core insulation: PE
  • Core identification: Colour + rings
  • Pair grouping identification: Layers

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