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HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base

Part Code: VHW-HWPS-B

HIGHWIRE Powerstar lets you install IP cameras easily, quickly, and reliably, without the disruption and expense of installing new cable. With POE over Coax, you can deliver up to 25 watts of POE power to the camera as well, eliminating the complexity of installing local power supplies. Two models are used in the setup; the Base unit receives POE power and transmits it down the coax. The Camera unit receives power from the coax and delivers up to full POE Plus power to the IP camera. If POE is not available, or for an extra power boost at either end of the cable, just connect the optional power supply. HIGHWIRE Powerstar features Veracity's unique SafeView display providing an instant and easy-to-understand confirmation of network and power status right across the cable, with no need to access remote equipment to check connections. Even the lowest grade of cheap RG-59 will support a 10 watt IP camera at any range likely to be found in a legacy installation. HIGHWIRE's proven technology delivers full network bandwidth, right to the limits of range. Secure screw-terminal DC connections, or the option of using a UPS-backed POE source, assure you of continuous power delivery.

Transmission standard Fast Ethernet
Number of ports PoE 1
Mounting method Wall mount
Width 54 mm
Height 24 mm
Depth 104 mm
Model Ethernet and POE over Coax

Key Features

  • Transmission standard: Fast Ethernet
  • Number of ports PoE: 1
  • Mounting method: Wall mount
  • Width: 54 mm
  • Height: 24 mm
  • Depth: 104 mm

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