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HIGHWIRE Powerstar Quad

Part Code: VHW-HWPS-C4

Veracity’s new HIGHWIRE Powerstar QUAD boosts your IP camera options when using a single coax cable, enabling you to generate greater coverage from your legacy coax by connecting 1-4 cameras, or POE/non-POE devices, to one cable. Upgrading is simple, replacing your single EoC unit with the new VHW-HWPS-C4 and connecting to the RJ45 port on a VHW-HWPS-B. Retaining the brand’s industry-leading SafeView™ VHW-HWPS-C4 is simply connect-and-go, reaching 350m over RG-59 (500m RG-11) with typically 25W total camera power budget available. This new addition to the HIGHWIRE family will is joined by the 2-port Duo.

Transmission standard Fast Ethernet
Number of ports PoE 4
Mounting method Wall mount
Width 75 mm
Height 22 mm
Depth 132 mm
Model Ethernet and POE over Coax

Key Features

  • Transmission standard: Fast Ethernet
  • Number of ports PoE: 4
  • Mounting method: Wall mount
  • Width: 75 mm
  • Height: 22 mm
  • Depth: 132 mm

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