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Excel PLC Splitters

Occupying minimal space and needing no power, PLC splitters “route” a single core of light within a fibre to multiple remote end-points.

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Avigilon ACC 7.4

Move away from time-consuming detection tasks and focus on verification and response efforts with ACC 7.4

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Why Choose Fluke Networks' Versiv?

It MAKES SENSE to invest in testers that help you be more competitive and profitable at the same time.

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How ‘Keep Your Hard Drive’ Warranties facilitate GDPR compliance

VSS highlight the importance of protecting data when a hard drive fails.

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Tether Technology

Xanview has re-branded as Tether Technology

TIMENET Pro - A Master NTP reference clock for Ethernet networks

An accurate, low cost, extremely compact universal atomic clock reference for network time synchronisation.

Global Invacom

Global Invacom is one of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of satellite and TV peripheral equipment.

Brands that Mayflex Distribute Include:

Track and Trace