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Overview of the Company: 

Milestone XProtect® VMS is powerful, reliable and easy-to-use software that is proven in more than 100,000 installations worldwide. Based on a true open platform, the XProtect VMS enables organisations to build the surveillance system that meets their exact needs, now and in the future. Companies benefit from the industry’s widest choice in cameras and can integrate business applications and functions, such as access control and video analytics, to automate operations and increase organisational efficiency.

The Milestone Husky™ Series of NVRs is high-performing hardware purpose-built for surveillance. These all-in-one surveillance solutions come pre-loaded with XProtect video management software and can be tailored to meet the demands of any surveillance installation, from a small family-owned business to a complex surveillance installation with multiple sites and hundreds of cameras.


True open platform VMS

  • Support for the widest range of network cameras and hardware devices
  • Mix and match hardware to fit needs and budget
  • Integrate video functionality to existing security and business systems
  • Seamlessly integrate and manage independent systems from one interface
  • Integrate and embed third-party applications and systems, such as access control and video analytics, directly into XProtect software and Milestone Husky NVRs

Easy to use, yet powerful

  • Wide range of VMS and NVRs to fit installations of all sizes
  • Ability to scale XProtect to increase functionality and meet changing business needs
  • Operator interface available in 27 languages
  • Access the video surveillance system from anywhere

High-performance NVRs

  • Guarantee maximum performance with an NVR solution optimised for Milestone video management software
  • Save time with pre-installed software (licenses included) and setup wizards
  • Flexible surveillance solutions that can function as a standalone NVR or as a remote site solution in a distributed surveillance system
Features and Benefits: 
  • Milestone Interconnect™ – Manage multiple, geographically dispersed sites from a central location
  • Central management – One user interface manages all aspects of the surveillance system
  • Failover recording servers – Ensures continuous video recording in the event of network disruptions or power failures
  • Edge Storage – A redundancy option that ensures continuous recording of audio and video
  • Alarm Manager – Consolidated overview of security and system-related alarms
  • Interactive maps – Overview and camera locations for quick detection of trouble areas
  • Simple to install – Automatic software license activation and system configuration
  • Easy to deploy – System automatically detects and configures new cameras
  • Efficient investigations – Advanced video handling tools make it easy to locate and review relevant video recordings
  • Secure evidence handling – End-to-end encryption of video files prevents evidence tampering
  • Full system scalability – Expand systems with an unlimited number of servers, enabling the addition of more cameras and hardware without decreasing performance
  • Customer Dashboard – A service that allows real-time monitoring of the surveillance system’s performance 
Partner Programme: 

Partnering with Milestone offers a unique value proposition for our Channel Partners. As members of the Open Platform Community, you have the option to build solutions using products from the entire Milestone product portfolio, and so much more. Through our Community, you can access the expertise of our Solution and Camera Partners. That’s over 1,700 leading companies working with our platform, designing integrations and creating solutions that are relevant for every type of business, in every industry imaginable.

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