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Overview of the Company: 

MOBOTIX AG, the leading pion­eer in network camera technology since 1999 and their decentralised concept, has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. Unlike other systems, with the decentralised MO­BOTIX concept, the camera is a high-speed computer an­d a long-term flash memory (MicroSD/SD card) are built into every camera, enabling you to record for several days.

  • All in one decentralised system – the Intelligence is in the camera, allowing onboard image processing & storage, reducing the network load, need for expensive NVR/NAS and loss of data due to network failure
  • Hemispheric technology – 1 x Mobotix camera can provide 360° coverage
  • The cameras have no moving parts, all functions are achieved entirely through software, resulting in exceptional durability, reliability and less power consumption
  • Top quality high resolution images delivered through the use of a specially developed codec (MxPEG) as well as H.264 supported as standard
  • All cameras are IP66 certified and are in use in extreme conditions ranging from Mount Everest to the Desert
  • MxActivity Sensor - an activity controlled, software based image analysis function for detecting movement of people and objects in a monitored area which differs from all other video motion detection software in that it only reports true movement, reducing false alarms from shadows, tree movements etc, reducing costs in monitoring / control centre environments
  • No licence fees, free video management software (MxControl Centre or MxEasy) and free software updates for life
  • Free MOBOTIX app allowing worldwide access to the camera
  • ‘Made in Germany’ quality with extensive quality assurance testing
Features and Benefits: 
  • MOBOTIX products offer a true edge based end to end IP CCTV proposition negating the need for expensive NVR/DVR and high specification PC software/hardware.
  • MOBOTIX decentralised logic means all decisions are made by the camera itself based on customisable settings. From event triggering to alarm management and messaging
  • MOBOTIX products are truly an intelligent solution in a box. No other camera on the market offers the same degree of functionality or flexibility
  • The system architecture means no single point of failure, achieving far more robust and reliable performance products offering thermal, day and night recording. Regardless of the environment, as long as the camera is powered, it will continue to work even in the event of the NAS/NVR or entire comms room losing power. The area of interest is still monitored and recorded by the camera using the onboard storage
Partner Programme: 

Our Partner Program does not only offer competitive conditions, but also comprehensive service and know how. MOBOTIX updates its partners by professional training and training documentation and thus keeps them informed about the latest developments in IP video technology, home automation and methods for planning and sales. In order to give them significant advantages in the market, we support our MOBOTIX Partners with marketing material, PR activities, innovative products "Made in Germany", and also put them in contact with new customers.

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