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Overview of the Company: 

Veracity manufactures and designs innovative transmission, surveillance storage and display products, primarily for network video applications, which elegantly solve real-world IP video problems and support the evolution of mega-pixel video surveillance. Veracity’s pioneering products are recommended and trusted by the leading IP camera manufacturers worldwide; they are deployed by thousands of system integrators and end-users and the company collaborates with 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest industry organisations and IP camera manufacturers. Veracity offers a full range of IP transmission products designed for IP video, including Ethernet-over-coax adaptors, network extenders and long-range wired Ethernet transceivers, all with POE.  Veracity’s extensive product range also includes Master NTP time servers, wireless and non-wireless IP camera installation tools and POE network switches, including 12/24V versions for vehicle applications.  The latest releases from the ground-breaking HIGHWIRE family of Ethernet-over-Coax products provide a range of single and multi-channel options for integrators and installers to choose between, providing the greatest flexibility available for maximising the use of IP cameras in legacy coax systems. The latest Wireless version of the innovative POINTSOURCE product line enables live video feed to be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or laptop as well as being field-friendly with a rechargeable, replaceable battery module, maximising the user’s time on site. Veracity’s IP products are designed to deliver, with a strong reputation for innovative design, high quality, reliability and very long lifetimes. Veracity’s products are both energy-efficient and energy-saving when incorporated into any system, whilst delivering exceptional results over significant cable distances.


Simple plug and play installation across all products Full 100Base-T transmission performance Industry-leading POE power levels & distance POE Power status indication over coax using SafeView™ Full speed Ethernet & POE over 800m (Cat 6) Highest performance POE & Ethernet-over-Coax Longest distance Ethernet over Cat 5/6 Innovative IP camera installation tools POE-powered network switches Lowest cost and smallest form Master NTP time server

Features and Benefits: 

Our products deliver solutions for Ethernet and POE over coax, Ethernet and POE extenders, long range full speed Ethernet and POE point-to-point devices, plus POE and POE Plus Installation tools TIMENET™ is an extremely cost effective, compact Master NTP time-synchronisation unit which will co-ordinate system time across the network CAMSWITCH™ is a range of ultra-compact POE switches delivering reliable power, even if only 12/24V power is available LONGSPAN™ delivers unprecedented power and bandwidth over extreme lengths of regular Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable HIGHWIRE™ delivers a range of multi-channel options which transform legacy coax cables into high speed network connections, eliminating the time and expense of laying new cables when converting to IP video cameras POINTSOURCE™ is a family of portable POE injectors with field-replaceable battery packs, enabling you to set up and test your IP camera when you install it, even if no network or power is available. The OUTREACH™ family of products are designed to enable multiple connections of Cat 5e/6 cables in 100m runs to extend your Ethernet via simple plug-and-play, with or without POE. An exterior 1P66-rated version is available too Veracity’s SafeView™ feature lead the way in providing an instant and easy-to-understand confirmation of network and power status right across the cable, with no need to access remote information. All products are manufactured with power-efficiency and energy-saving features designed into them